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Located north of the Guadalquivir Valley, Munigua was a small urban centre of conventus hispalensis and Baetica province. It is situated on a granite hill surrounded by peaks of metamorphic Palaeozoic rocks (slates and quartzites) and other lithologies (limestones, conglomerates and coal). The hill of Munigua was selected in pre-Roman times to setting the habitat that became a Roman city because of its domination over the adjacent landscape and the presence of the Tamohoso River.

Baelo Claudia

Baelo Claudia is located in the actual province of Cádiz and ancient Roman province of Baetica, on the conventus gaditanus in Bolonia Bay where it overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. It is within the axial zone of the Gibraltar Strait, the westernmost termination of the Mediterranean Alpine Chain of the Betic Mountainus system. The area is topographically dominated by small isolated mountains that trend NE and reach a maximum elevation of 457 m (e.g., the Sierra de la Plata). The fluvial drainage is essentially seasonal.